Supporters Club Notes (25/02/12)

Mon Feb 25th 2013


Many years ago, there was a well known ad on the radio for Chenounction. It was a veterinary product for clearing up mastitis in cows. The name was difficult but according to the advertisers, it was the product that mattered most, hence they came up with the tag line “A quare name, but great stuff”.

And so it is with our new sponsor, City Calling Group and the new name for our stadium out the Strokestown Road, City Calling Stadium. Of course, it will take getting used to. And of course, it's difficult to make it catchy and fit into rhyme or song. Ask Marty and his Section O friends, they've had many sleepless nights trying to come up with something. One of Marty's composing members, seemingly was heard to mumble in his sleep.... “CCS,YES, YES, YES”. Don't worry , they'll come up with something.

But back to the change of name and new sponsorship. Everything changes. Croke Park used to mean a sports stadium, but for many, it will mean pay cuts and extra hours of work. Flancare for us used to mean Flansiro, the stadium of dreams coming true. But times change. In these, most difficult of financial times, finding an extra euro is difficult. In the Supporters' Club we pride ourselves on raising much needed euros for the Club, but ask any overworked member, it's an uphill struggle and we're talking Everest, not Cairn Hill.

So for Phil Munnelly and his Group to come on board is  nothing short of magnificent. And not alone is the sponsorship for a year but it's for five years and involves shirt and stadium sponsorship. Many members of  Premier clubs were incredulous when they the news broke. And rightly so.

It might be a quare name, but really, it's great stuff.


The media event where the news was broken was held in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. It's a bold, plush new place beside the 02 and overlooking huge swathes of yet to be developed docklands. It even boasts an exterior glass lift which was enjoyed by all who travelled from Longford. It was encouraging to see the Dublin branch of the Supporters' Club present as well as a few other Longfordians exiled in the capital. All the national papers were present as well as a few photographers, including our old friends from Sportsfile.

Everything was presented in a thoroughly professional manner, with Caroline Rhattigan keeping a close and keen eye on proceedings. She left nothing to chance. Even every committee member present had their Macron gear looking neat and sharp. Mark Salmon and Keith Gillespie represented the players.

The speeches were short and to the point. When an ebullient Jim Hanley announced  the five year City Calling sponsorship, there was an audible gasp of disbelief in the room. Then when Keith Gillespie's possible  retirement at the season's end, there was a similar gasp. Tony Cousins was also upbeat when talking about the season ahead and was already focused on that night's training session.

After the announcements, the national hacks along with our own Deniese Flaherty met the main men while cameras flicked and purred. The next day, it was possibly the Irish Examiner which had the best coverage of what was a ground breaking red and black event in Dublin's fair city.


And so it's another friendly this Saturday when Bray wander into town, kick off at 3 pm. Full match report from a very good performance against Shelbourne elsewhere. And of you still haven't joined the Supporters' Club or checked out the revamped Clubhouse, do so this Saturday afternoon. Congrats to Liam Healion who had a mighty win in the Golf Club on Saturday night last; so impressive was his prize that he left with an army escort.

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