Supporters’ Club Notes (24/04/16)

Sun Apr 24th 2016


One well known Town supporter walked into a bar in Sligo on Saturday evening and asked for a pint and three points. I suppose a 50% per cent return wasn't exactly the best return. There was fair scattering of Town supporters who made the relatively short trip up the N4 to the Showgrounds. Hopes were fairly high as Sligo, like ourselves, were languishing at the wrong end of the table and had so far failed to win a game. But by half time the writing was on the wall and it didn't make for pleasant reading. Like forming a government at the moment, there seems to be more questions than solutions.


Friday April 29th at 7.45pm sees us face a resurgent Galway at Eamonn Deacy Park. Galway have always posed a serious to threat to us even when we were flying. Judging by our pre-season friendly against the westerners, this particular game is going to be like climbing all of the Connemara Mountains at once. But then again, we showed a magnificent fighting spirit against Derry City and surely if that same spirit can be unearthed, then whose to say we can't produce a right good western showdown. Already, this game game will bring our April games to a close and our next game against Shamrock Rovers will see an end to the first third of the season.


Next Monday, May 2nd is a bank holiday and therefore our third Car Boot Sale of the year. So far each of the car boot sales have been a magnificent success and through them we've been able to help out the club financially. We do need a few more volunteers this Monday as some of the regulars will be unavoidably absent this time round. The car boot sale starts very early and goes on till 3 pm . If you can help out early on, please get in touch with Liam Healion or if you can only help out later on, all you have to do is turn up at 3pm. Actions speak louder than words.


The Supporters' Club would like to extend its sincere sympathies to Seamus Kiernan on the recent death of his mother. May she rest in peace.


Charles Dickens wrote about them, Eleanor Shanley sings about them but at the moment we're experiencing them, hard times that is. With almost a third of the season gone, we're firmly rooted to the bottom of the league and the view above us is far from pleasant. Keith Fahey, pundit on Soccer Republic predicted that Wexford Youths and ourselves would be in trouble. At the time, it was difficult to agree with his point of view but now with May fast approaching , it'd be silly to dismiss him.

Apart from the obvious points, we need a bit more as well. We need to see a fighting spirit such as was on display against Derry. At that game, the crowd responded positively and everyone went home happy (enough), despite getting only a point. Much is made of the twelfth man support. Sometimes it's hard to know if a team responds to the support or vice versa; it's the egg and the chicken scenario as to which came first. But as far as the Supporters' Club is concerned, there's no argument; we must continue to support and even, if at all possible, increase that support. We've been through hard times before but we can't ever give up on supporting.

C'mon de Town.

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