Supporters’ Club Notes (04/09/16)

Sun Sep 4th 2016


Despite the valiant efforts of our hard working ground staff, the rain reigned supreme last Saturday night which resulted in the game being called off. Every effort was made and the game was even put back fifteen minutes in the hope that the rain might ease. We had a similar situation just a few weeks back but then the Murray clan beat the elements. Last Saturday night, the rain won so that leaves it one all. Although, it's a bit early to be talking about this Saturday but a quick check with what the Met Éireann people says, that there could be more testing times ahead. Be prepared. Up in Sligo, they actually started their game against Finn Harps but after 20 minutes it too, fell foul of the elements and the game was called off. And remember this is summer soccer.


Alan Mathews will have to wait another few days for his second coming. Last Saturday was to have been his home debut for the second time but the gods dictated otherwise. Maybe it's a good omen because Bray have a game against Pats during the week, which hopefully will tire them a bit.
Anyway, we need a big crowd out at the CCS to get behind the team from start to finish. A win on Saturday night and anything is possible. We must believe, there's no other option and we must support.


Heartiest congratulations to Eddie Dsane who is the winner of the August award for allayer of the month. It's easy to put in the work when your team is constantly winning but a real test of character when the reality is the opposite. So fair play to Eddie on his award. As usual, the presentation will be made as the players come off the pitch after their pre match warm up.


It's damn hard running a football club; money is tight or non existent, volunteers are over worked and often criticised, the sacrifices made by all involved are seldom known. The sorry state of the domestic scene though could easily be helped rather than hindered. There's no need for over paid consultants telling us what to do. The idea of a Dublin based consultancy firm telling us about how we could be involved in the local community is outrageously ridiculous. Sadly, common sense was never known to be common. But all we need to do is look north to Iceland. Following their summer success, the Icelandic Football Association handed five million to the clubs. In Ireland €100,000 is to be divided among all clubs over five years with a consultancy firm advising on its expenditure. In recent years, the Icelandic soccer authorities have waived affiliation fees for clubs in the country's senior league and covered the cost of paying the referees and other match officials in order to ease the burden on clubs. I bet Archie Bell, our hard pressed treasurer, would like the FAI to copy those ideas. We can only dream.


A Derry City fan is very anxious to get his hands on the match programme from 30th October 2015, which if memory serves me correctly we won 4-2 and was the final game of last season. So anxious is he that he's willing to pay many times the original asking price. Even though it was a relatively recent game, this programme has already become a collectors item, so well done to our editor, Seamus Leavy. If you have this gem in your collection and if you're willing to part with it, give Martin Stapleton a ring on 086 360 2912 and he'll act as your unpaid agent.

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