Section O Says Hello (18/04/13)

Thu Apr 25th 2013


Good evening Ladies and Gentleman from the other side of the ground. For those of you who look over full of wonder and amazement and think “What exactly are them eejits at over there”, we here at Section O would like to say HELLO!

For many stand goers, Section O must seem like a mysterious place, a nonsensical place even (Why don’t they sit down?). Like South Koreans looking over the border to the North, for years stand goers have looked across the pitch in utter confusion at our ways but this will be no more. We intend on bringing you regular news from the other side of the ground to keep you updated with all the news regarding De Town or just utter nonsense that we consider important. Enjoy!

* Section O does not support Communism or indeed wish to draws similarities to itself and North Korea in anyway.



Getting straight onto the action tonight, it’s time for the fiercest rivalry in football…El Clasico. As if we didn’t all enjoy the visit of our dearest neighbours enough, they have very thoughtfully went to the trouble of employing our favourite manager to accompany them on their biannual trip to the Strokestown Road. The “Roddster” is well known to all Town fans and I am sure he will be given a warm welcome tonight. In the build up to the game this week, a YouTube video has been doing the rounds of the 2007 FAI Cup Semi-Final in Belfield. The video, simply titled “The Roddy Collins Fan Club”, shows quite a number of Town fans doing a celebratory conga line all the way around the ground to the RTE studio just to say “hello” to Roddy. Just in case it wasn’t clear how close a friendship exists between the two parties, Roddy, in typical Roddy fashion, proclaims proudly that it is in fact his fanclub who’s greeting for him can be heard loud and clear through the RTE microphones. We’re not sure if there will be a conga line tonight, but I am sure those of us in Section O and indeed the whole ground will make sure to say “hello” to our old friend.


Although it’s now been 3 weeks since that magical night in Cobh, do not be surprised if it is mentioned in our notes every week as it is a night that will not be forgotten by any Town fan present for a long time. As some people may or may not know, the Cobh match had been picked out before the season started as the first Section O trip of the season and my God was it worth it. Twenty of us set off from Longford not long after midday after stocking up on “supplies” from Lidl for the long trip to Cork. It wasn’t long at all before the singing started and that kept us occupied, along with some very questionable football trivia all the way to Cobh. When we finally got to Cobh, the constant football trivia had obviously clouded our judgement somewhat. Instead of walking directly to Jack Doyle’s pub, 5 minutes away, which had been recommended to us via the Cobh Ramblers twitter page, we decided to instead walk all the way down the hill into Cobh Village and then right back up the hill which it appeared had somehow become considerably steeper since we walked down it 5 minutes before. When we finally got to Doyle’s, a few pints, a few songs and a few games of pool got us ready for the game. Everyone knows what happened in the game at this stage. After all the organisation, hype about the trip and not to mention half a day on a bus, going 2-0 down so early was hugely disappointing but we were all still determined to enjoy ourselves and to make our presence known to the 11 players on the pitch. Willo McDonagh gave us a glimmer of hope going into halftime only for us to be given yet another blow at the very start of the second half when Cobh made it 3-1. What happened in the last half hour is simply to hard to put into words. The goals just seemed to keep going in. Having celebrated like we never have before when Salmo made it 3-3, by the time Purdy’s shot flew into the net some of us just simply stood there in shock. Surely this wasn’t happening? Surely the ref would flag for some kind of free out? But he didn’t and after an initial maybe 5 second pause to confirm it was a goal, all hell broke loose. Flags, scarves, drums, bodies flying in all directions. The majority of us there seemed to end up a number of seats and even a number of rows from where we were when the goal hit the net. We stood and sang long after the final whistle went until the Cobh stewards eventually had to ask us to leave so they could close up for the night. None of us wanted to go home, after travelling long distances in the past only to experience disappointment (Waterford away twice at the end of last season springs to mind), we all wanted to savour every moment. “This was the best trip we’d ever been on!!”


While the trip to Cobh was mainly picked out as a “once off” due to it being on a Saturday, due to its huge success we do intend to hold another one in the future with Finn Harps or Cobh away in July being looked at. Until then, the Supporters Club have run a bus to every game this season and have to be commended in particular for sudsidising last weeks trip to Wexford meaning it only cost €10 for those who travelled. We would encourage anyone wishing to travel to away matches in the future to come along on the bus and in particular for our big game down in Waterford in a few weeks.


As Section O plan to try our best during the season to raise money for the club, we intend on holding a FIFA Tournament in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter page for more information.

We also intend on raising money during the year for flags, drums and anything else to improve the atmosphere at games. As you read this, there are two new flags as well as new LTFC stickers being shipped over from Poland which should be with us soon so keep an eye out.


Although we all love nothing more than singing about our lovable neighbours, this week’s chant goes to last week’s goal hero Davey O’Sullivan. Some of you may remember a very similar song being sung about another David years ago…Mr David Mooney and it is a testament to O’Sullivan’s form so far that we’ve finally found another player worthy of such praise.

“I met my mate, the other day,

He said to me I’ve seen the White Pele,

I said to him…and who is he?

He goes by the name of Dave Sully,

Nana na na na nana na na,

Nana na na na nana na na”……repeat until bored/tired/sober.


Firstly, If leading the First Division wasn’t enough, De Town are also ahead of the rest in terms of County representation. While in the Premier Division, Sligo and Cork lead the way with players from 7 different Counties, De Town also have 7, with players from Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Cork, Galway, Antrim and….oh yeah Longford.

Secondly and possibly a more interesting fact for you to ponder over is…..Roddy Collins’ real name is in fact Roderick.

We at Section O hope that you will all be able to sleep better at night knowing this information.


This year the Supporters club are offering a new “Section O” membership to attract younger supporters who wish to get involved. Membership costs the same as the Supporters Club, €10 or €5 for students. We at Section O intend to hold regular meetings where younger fans can ask questions and express their views which can then be brought forward to the Supporters Club. Our first meeting was held in Foxes 2 weeks ago before the Mervue game and was well attended.


If getting a hold of the match programme every fortnight to get your fix of these brilliantly put together notes just isn’t enough for you, make sure to keep up to date with all Section O news by liking our page on Facebook or following us on Twitter at @section_o_ltfc! There is also a new Section O….eh “section” on the official Club site, where we will be hoping to add weekly news as well as any fan pictures we can get our hands on.

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