Section O Says Hello (13/08/14)

Wed Aug 13th 2014

Good evening and welcome ladies and gents once again from the other side of the ground! Having mentioned in last week’s notes that we were running out of things to complain about, the lads did the honourable thing last week by dropping points and giving us an opportunity to fill some space in this week’s notes! The inevitable overdue slip up, which a lot of us feared was always coming finally arrived and as many of us expected, Finn Harps were the ones who inflicted it upon us. Having said that the result against Harps shouldn’t have the alarm bells ringing just yet! Once again, as in the last few of our games, we started poorly and the first half was certainly nothing to write home about. However, we bossed the majority of the second half with plenty of possession and chances but it just wasn’t to be our day as some bad luck with a bit of help from some excellent defending from Harps meant the ball just wouldn’t go in for us! If that is going to be the slip in form which we all feared then so be it! We are now going into the last round of games 4 points clear which none of us would have turned down if offered at the start of the season! The next two league games against Galway tonight and Shels on Friday week are vital but no matter what happens in them it is still important for the team to keep focused for the supposed easier games! Tonight’s opponents Galway have had a slip in form in recent times which sees them down to 4th place but still right in the mix for playoff spots! Our last game against them was one of our best performances of the season....lets hope the lads can lift it again tonight!

Away Days

In our notes last week, we admittedly softened to the idea of the cup which we are usually quick to dismiss if it is to interfere with our push for promotion...we apologise for that! After dropping points against Harps, the significance of playing a cup game in between tonight’s game against Galway and Shelbourne becomes all the more significant! Whether we will rest players or not is the question on all of our minds. Rovers under the guidance of their new manager are sure to be a much stronger outfit but having said that a win here tonight against Galway will put us back on track and raise confidence and who is to say we can’t have a go at Rovers before our match in Tolka the following Friday! If the Longford travelling crowd against their B team two weeks ago is anything to go by we expect interest to once again be huge so book your place on the bus early to avoid disappointment by texting Kieran on 0831670304.

Fantasy Premier League 2014

There has been a huge interest so far in this year’s fantasy league with the number of entrants already more than last year but still with plenty of room for more! Entry is once again €10 with cash prizes for first, second and third place as well as some bonus prizes throughout the year. To enter text 0877619299 or contact any member of the Supporters Club committee.  As with last week at the Finn Harps game there should be someone collecting entry fees in the clubhouse today at half time. The deadline for paying your entry fee will be the 1st of September. So far with the likes of David O’Sullivan already signed up and hopefully one or two more players by the deadline it is a great way to pit your skills against the players!

Chant of the Week

One that’s been going for a while now but has never made it into the notes;

“Since I was young,
I followed you,
The team for me…

(Repeat once and then another time but without any words this time…if that makes sense!)

Tweet of the Week

Unfortunately there weren’t too many players or fans waxing lyrically about our 0-0 draw with Harps on Saturday so this week’s tweet of the week is from an unexpected source. RTE Radio 1’s John Creedon seems to have had some kind of random outburst of enthusiasm for De Town on Saturday evening! We have no idea as to what the reference to France means, whether Mr Creedon is even a fan of De Town or whether he had just momentarily lost his marbles but…eh…thanks anyway John!

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