Congrats to our Town fan abroad in Boston!

Mon Oct 12th 2015

We recently got an e-mail from Rita Kennelly from Lanesboro, whose nephew, Rory Kennelly is a Man Utd, Celtic and Longford Town FC supporter, all the way from Boston (Watertown, Massachusetts). He wears a Longford Town FC hoodie and went to the match in Dundalk this year. He currently plays for Watertown Youth Soccer and played an absolute stormer in their 4-1 win over Arlington, and named Player of the Week by his club. Many congrats from us Rory, and hopefully you can spread the word about De Town in Massachusetts!

"Rory played a key part in the Blitz's 4-1 win over Arlington. He played in midfield and defense in the first half and was very solid throughout winning a lot of possession and distributed the ball well. In the second half, we moved Rory up in to the striker role where he showed a good combination of skill and strength to score a hat trick of goals. He may well have a future with Longford Town FC."

Coaches Alf Flanagan & Alex Ivanov

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