An End of Season tribute by Tiernan Dolan

Tue Oct 10th 2017

End of Season Tribute by Tiernan Dolan

And so it came to pass, that our  season came to an end.

One long, lonely, shrill whistle was all it took. Game over, season done.

Supporters bowed their heads, pulled down their woolly hats & wept silently - comforting one another,  they departed their cathedral of thrills and spills, dreams and nightmares.

Soon the floodlights would be dimmed and all the land covered in the darkness of a long, bleak winter.

Frost and snow will cover the lush green carpet.  Gales and storms will replace the cheers and witty chants while red and black ghosts will surely stalk the tunnel.

But the philosopher of the roundy ball predicted that soon the snows will melt and the sun will strengthen & brighten and hope will again be restored as we awaken to follow Fenn to the promised land in season 2018.

C'mon de Town!!!


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