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Mon Jul 7th 2014

It's not too often that our stats man, Marty Stapleton gets it wrong. But after a check of the record books, he has spotted that in fact, David O'Sullivan needs one more to equal Richie Parsons' record. We wouldn't put it past Davy to put that right in the near future. To make up for the oversight, he's put together a comprehensive stat breakdown of our top all-time scorers.

All-time scorers top 10 (1984/85 to date)

43- Richie Parsons
42- David O'Sullivan
37- Stephen Kelly
34- Eric Lavine, Keith O'Connor
33- OG
29- Dave Mooney, Alan Kirby
25- Dessie Baker
23- Mark Salmon

League (top two)

39- Richie Parsons
36- David O'Sullivan

Breakdown of Parsons' 43 goals:

League: 39
Leinster Senior Cup: 1
League Cup: 1
FAI Cup: 1
LOI Shield: 1

Breakdown of O'Sullivan's 42 goals:

League: 36
FAI Cup: 4
Leinster Senior Cup: 2

Richie Parsons goalscoring record season by season

92/93: 15
93/94: 14
99/00: 14

Davy O'Sullivan's goalscoring record season by season

2013: 27
2014: 15

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