2021 SSE Airtricity Premier Division

GAME 1Sat. 20th March 2021Longford TownDerry CityBishopsgate18:00WON 2-0Grimes ('8), Gorman ('72)
GAME 2Sat. 27th March 2021BohemiansLongford TownDalymount Park18:00DREW 2-2Davis ('76, '86)
GAME 3Fri. 2nd April 2021Longford TownSligo RoversBishopsgate17:45LOST 0-1
GAME 4Sat. 10th April 2021Longford TownDroghedaBishopsgate18:00LOST 0-4
GAME 5Sat. 17th April 2021Shamrock RoversLongford TownTallaght Stadium18:00LOST 1-2Grimes ('7)
GAME 6Tues. 20th AprilLongford TownFinn Harps Finn Park19:45DREW 0-0
GAME 7Sat. 24th AprilWaterford Longford TownRSC18:00LOST 1-0
GAME 8Fri. 30th April 2021St. Patrick's Ath.Longford TownRichmond Park17:45LOST 3-0
GAME 9Mon. 3rd May 2021Longford TownDundalkBishopsgate17:45DREW 2-2Grimes ('6), R. Manley ('14)
GAME 10Fri. 7th May 2021Derry CityLongford TownRyan McBride Brandywell17:45DREW 1-1R. Manley ('74)
GAME 11Sat. 15th May 2021Longford TownBohemiansBishopsgate18:00LOST 0-2
GAME 12Fri. 21th May 2021Sligo RoversLongford TownThe Showgrounds19:45LOST 2-0
GAME 13Mon. 24th May 2021Drogheda UnitedLongford TownHead In The Game Park19:45LOST 4-1Dobbs ('53)
GAME 14Sat. 29th May 2021Longford TownShamrock RoversBishopsgate16:00LOST 0-1
GAME 15Sat. 12th June 2021Longford TownSt. Patrick's AthleticBishopsgate19:30LOST 1-3Dobbs ('48)
GAME 16Fri. 18th June 2021DundalkLongford TownOriel Park19:45DREW 1-1 McNally ('12)
GAME 17Mon. 21st June 2021Longford TownWaterfordBishopsgate19:45LOST 1-2McNally ('18)
GAME 18Fri. 25th June 2021Finn HarpsLongford TownFinn Park20:00DREW 1-1Dobbs ('11)
GAME 19Sat. 3rd July 2021Longford TownSligo RoversBishopsgate19:30LOST 0-1
GAME 20Sat. 10th July 2021Longford TownDrogheda UnitedBishopsgate19:30DREW 1-1Grimes ('77)
GAME 21Sun. 18th July 2021BohemiansLongford TownDalymount Park19:45DREW 1-1R. Manley ('38)
GAME 22Sat. 31st July 2021Longford TownDerry CityBishopsgate19:30LOST 0-2
GAME 23Sun. 8th August 2021Shamrock RoversLongford TownTallaght Stadium20:00LOST 1-0
GAME 24Sat. 14th August 2021Longford TownFinn HarpsBishopsgate19:30LOST 0-3
GAME 25Fri. 20th August 2021Waterford Longford TownRSC19:45LOST 1-4Williams ('47)
GAME 26Fri. 3rd Sept. 2021St. Patrick's AthleticLongford TownRichmond Park19:45LOST 2-3Williams ('51), Davis ('90+5)
GAME 27Sat. 11th Sept. 2021Longford TownDundalkBishopsgate19:30WON 1-0O'Driscoll ('45)
GAME 28Fri. 24th Sept. 2021Derry CityLongford TownRyan McBride Brandywell19:45
GAME 29Sat. 2nd October 2021Longford TownBohemiansBishopsgate19:30
GAME 30Sat. 9th October 2021Sligo RoversLongford TownThe Showgrounds19:45
GAME 31Fri. 15th October 2021Drogheda UnitedLongford TownHead In The Game Park19:45
GAME 32Mon. 25th October 2021Longford TownShamrock RoversBishopsgate19:45
GAME 33Sat. 30th October 2021Longford TownSt. Patrick's AthleticBishopsgate19:30
GAME 34Fri. 5th Nov. 2021DundalkLongford TownOriel Park19:45
GAME 35Sat. 13th Nov. 2021Longford TownWaterfordBishopsgate19:30
GAME 36Fri. 19th Nov. 2021Finn HarpsLongford TownFinn Park19:45
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